Living On The Sunshine Coast In Queensland

There is nothing like living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Before you decide whether you should move there, you should know what it’s really like living there. Continue reading on to get an idea of what it’s like to live on the Sunshine Coast.

The Weather

When you live on the Sunshine Coast, then be prepared to enjoy many sunny days and not that many rainy ones or cold ones. This means you’ll spend the majority of your time in summer clothing and you’ll be able to enjoy going to the beach whenever you want, enjoy dining at restaurants with outdoor seating and you can enjoy many other outdoor activities. These other activities include hiking, cycling, walking and so forth. If you are an outdoorsy type of person, then there’s no better place to live than the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Food And Produce

Generally speaking, food is affordable in the region, but this is especially true for product. Tropical fruits are available in abundance all-year round, which is due to the weather being warm all the time, and veggies are also available in abundance. Regardless of whether you shop at the supermarket, greengrocers or the markets, you will find that the fruits and veggies are affordable and when you live in the region, you will find yourself eating more fruits and veggies. Those who live on the Sunshine Coast tend to lean towards eating fruits and veggies on a regular basis, and you’ll probably notice this right away when you move there.


Getting around the Sunshine Coast is easy. Many people drive, but others rely on public transportation, such as buses and rail. Also, there is ferry service between Noosa Waters, Tewantin, Noosa Heads, Northside and Noosaville.

Be prepared to see tourists in almost all the major cities. People flock to the Sunshine Coast because of the beaches and the weather, as well as how affordable it is to stay there. Plus, tourism is one of the largest sectors on the Sunshine Coast. However, there is still a laid-back atmosphere in the major cities.

Generally speaking, living on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, is great because of the weather, how laid back it is in many areas and the other reasons previously discussed. You will not be disappointed if you move to the Sunshine Coast. Go ahead and start browsing properties available to rent or to buy and then relocate there as soon as possible.


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