Important Steps To Take Before Getting Air Conditioning Installed

Installing a new air conditioning unit in your home can be a big hassle. Most people want to get it done as soon as possible so that they can start feeling cool. However, there is a lot that can go wrong with an air conditioning installation. To make sure that your unit is safe, effective, and a reasonable cost, read on for some tips on what to think about before you order the unit.

The first thing to consider is what size of air conditioning unit is right for your home. Air conditioning units come in a variety of sizes, which are more or less effective at cooling air quickly. Larger air conditioners are more expensive, obviously, which is one reason to pay attention and not order one that is too big for your needs. A less obvious reason is that an air conditioner that cools air too quickly for the size of your house will work too fast to dehumidify the environment. Humid but cool is much less comfortable than the dry cool that air conditioners are made for.

An air conditioner that is too small, conversely, will not be able to cool your house effectively. If you try to get it to reach a comfortable temperature, it will run continuously without ever reaching it. This means a much bigger energy bill than a properly sized unit, and the unit will burn out much more quickly as well. Hitting the sweet spot in your air conditioner unit size is very important. Talk to a contractor to help calculate what size is right for your property.

If you plan on getting a ducted system, the next thing to consider is getting your ducts checked out. If your house has an existing duct system that is used for heating or not used at all, hooking up a cooling system to it is a cost-effective option. However, if these ducts are not actively used, they may leak. Leaking ducts can dump all of your cool air before it reaches rooms, increasing energy bills dramatically. Have your ducts checked out before getting a new air conditioning unit to avoid any pitfalls.

Speak to one of our qualified electricians to learn more and get a professional opinion before moving forward with any purchase. Always ensure your AC system is installed by a licenced electrician.

Getting a new air conditioning unit is a great way to improve quality of life. With a few key considerations, you can make sure that your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t get a unit that is too small or large for your home, and get your ducts checked out. Then go ahead and get that air conditioner installed!

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